Monday, January 31, 2011

Very Special Birthday

You all know sjAimee, right?


Psssh... Yeah, right!

I know you do! But just to be fair, go introduce yourself. Go on! Don't be shy...

Now that you know her, you need to know that today is her birthday!

*does a little crazy dance*

And what better way to say Happy Birthday than sing a song? *grin*

Yup! I wrote my favorite sjA a little ditty. Wanna hear it?

I'll sing the first time, then you can join in the second time.

You all know the tune *whispers* It's Jingle Bells

*clears throat*
*ques the music*
*deep breath*

Undies and socks, Batman rocks
Today is your birthday!
Drink it up and swallow it down
Then come out and play, hey!

Undies and socks, Batman rocks
Today is your birthday!
Say hello to the giraffe
Then come out and plaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!


*takes a bow* Thank you! Y'all did WONDERFUL!

It just warms my heart to hear you sing my song *sniff sniff*

*wipe a tear* Anyway, before I get all snotty, I'll wrap this up.

Happy birthday, sjA! You know I lovers you muy mucho w/ Jasper & Emmett, a bottle of whiskey and rum and plenty of cuffs on top! *wink*

Oh FUCK! I almost forgot!!!

*tackles sjAimee and sits on her, grinning*


*Whack!* 1
*Whack!* 2
*Whack!* 3
*Whack!* 4
*Whack!* 5

Ok, who's next???

I'll hold her down for as long as I can!


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