Monday, December 28, 2009

A VERY Merry Christmas


Let me start by wishing you all a late Merry Christmas. I hope you got everything you wished for, though I know most of us did not. No matter how hard we wished, begged, dreamed or flat-out asked for them, I know that Edward, Jacob, Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle, Alice, Rosalie, Esme, and whomever else I forgot, didn't materialize under our trees.

But instead I know some of us got the next best thing. A mini character or a smokin' hot Jacksper as a Secret Santa Deliverer (thx so much Betti Gefecht!)

Which brings me to my next topic. The Lemon Sister's Secret Santa (<-- Click to see the whole assortment of fun and gifts!) As for me, my gift came from the one and only Betti Gefecht over at Betti.Music.Twilight. She gave me a gift that actually made me cry!

Did you notice my new little banner at the top? NO?!?!? Go take a look then, please... *singing Jeopardy*

You're back! It's about time, I had to sing that song twice!
Isn't that just fuckin' awesome!?!?!? Yeah... it is!!!

Next, was a little button for all my friends to use to link to me :) *giggle* It's also over there to your right. Feel free to use it, I promise I won't complain! ;)
Third, did you know that I wrote a little FanFic, Together Again? Yes? No? Oh well, more about that in a minute, but for now, Betti made me the fuckhawt button over to the right. Please meet Ranchward. I'll wait a few extra minutes because it is drool worthy!

Finally, I saw the pic of my Secret Santa delivery guy (once again look to your right). There is a shoulder because Jackson has on a wife beater! *thud*

*15 min later* I regained consciousness and was able to tell Betti how much I love it! She was about to call 911 on my ass since I took so long!

I was at work when she and MrsVanquish coaxed me into clicking that mysterious link under a comment in my blog. Let's just say that I got some weird ass looks from co-workers because I was crying, *squeeing*, making a few of my co-workers (that know only a shallow level of my obsession) look at the fuckhawt pic of Jackson's shoulder, trying to work and not get caught, then recovering from the sheer delight of it all!

It was seriously the best gift I got this year! And it was only that much more special because she made it just for me! *squeeeeeeee* It still makes me all giddy and smile-y!

Like big, goofy, toothy kind of smiley :) THANK YOU, Betti!!!!!! I love it all and I love you too!! :):):):)

This was definitely my year for Twilight goodies. Well, seeing as this is the first gift giving opportunity since I discovered Twilight in March, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised but I was. I thought I hid most of my obsession with Twilight and all things related pretty well from everyone except a few select RL friends and the hubs who still only knows maybe half of it all. But apparently I didn't hide it as well as I thought. Because for Christmas this year I received the Twilight 2-disc movie (I know, how can I have not already owned it? A. I honestly don't know)

AND I got both Twilight and New Moon movie board games! Yes, I am 30 and in front of my whole family I sat there hugging my new treasures with previously depicted goofy smile.

All in all, I'd say for not expecting anything this year at all, everything turned out nicely!

Now, I had mentioned a FanFic story that I wrote. In the previous post (OMG has it really been over a month!? *facepalm* I'm utter fail), I mentioned that I was in the mood to write. But, I had a sever case of writer's block, so I turned to you, my friends, and the call was answered. My dear friend Bex over at Today I Feel Infinite had a wonderful idea about her being with a cowboy Edward. Ok, how perfect is that? I LOVED the idea! I'm from Texas, so it would be that much easier tapping into the cowboy frame of mind.

Once I started, the words just flowed perfectly. I knew I'd need a beta so I kept asking until I found the best, OnePushyFox. (She's a writer herself, and I recommend checking her award winning stories out!) She helped me get through the bumpy places and helped me polish up some lemons by being my personal Smut-saurus. (No, she's not as old as a dinosaur! Shesh!! That's just my term of endearment for her, my Smut Thesaurus!)

My story originally was going to simply end and only hint at the "good stuff" but with a little liquor (ok, a lot of liquor) and my good ol' computer, a yummy lemon came pulsing out of my fingertips. So it does contain a little lemonade at the end. *giggle*

Now I want to tease you a little, because as a few of my friends can tell you (Bex, Einfach Mich) will tell you, I LOVE to tease... Question is, what part do I tease? Hmm....

*deep in thought*

OK! I've decided, I'll give you a couple of nibbles ;)


I paused when I heard, "Hey, darlin', wait! Pearlene, she'll be my guest for the evenin'." I felt a gentle grasp on my elbow, which turned me around, and I saw Mr. Maybe Not So Satisfied looking me directly in the eye. "If you’d like to be my guest, that is."

Uhhh..... That's all that would have come out of my mouth if I tried to speak, so I picked my jaw up from the floor, smiled and nodded. He let go of my elbow but moved his hand to the small of my back and led me to the podium. He handed me the pen and pointed to the name "Edward" then slid his long finger across the page to the blank space under guest. Edward must have been about 6 feet tall because he towered over my little 5’ 3” frame. Well, 5 foot 7 tonight, thank you shoes! I leaned over to sign my name and he, with his left hand still on the small of my back, flattened his right on the book page to hold it still for me.

Fuck me! He had a tattoo on that inner right forearm! It was a rose and a name. What’s my name? I almost forgot but managed to scribble it down. I laid the pen down as my eyes followed his chiseled arm to his defined bicep where another tattoo peeked out from under his sleeve. My eyes kept roaming to find yet another tattoo partially visible coming up off his shoulder and back onto his neck. It took all the resolve I had to not rape this man in front of all these witnesses.


We laughed for a split second and I sat up straddling him. He was staring me straight in the eye and I bit my lip repeating to myself, Breathe in. Breathe out. Just breathe damn it!

He just laid there underneath me with his mouth slightly agape breathing heavily in time with me. I felt his hips grind upward again as he grabbed my hips for more resistance then his tongue caressed his lips and his head rose with his need to kiss me again. Halfway to sitting up, he grabbed both my camisole and tank and pulled them over my head. He groaned low and deep, “So fucking beautiful,” then buried his face in my cleavage.

My hands were wound in his hair again, but I wanted that shirt off of him. Now! I grabbed it from over his shoulders and started pulling; he stopped touching me just long enough to get that damn thing out of our way. I pulled his face to mine and began gently sucking his lips, down his jaw to his neck. Hello tattoo, I forgot about you! I licked and nipped the beautiful tribal ink that ran from his neck to bicep. GOD DAMN! It ran partly down his back and wrapped around his ribs. Where my mouth couldn’t reach, I alternated between stroking with my fingers and grazing the tattoo with my fingernails. Every touch elicited a hum or a groan until I eventually I made my way back up toward his ear and sucked on his earlobe then whispered, “I’m so fucking wet right now, Edward.”

So what do you think? Go on, read it! Please? :) *giggle*
Let me know what you think, because I'm considering conintuing the story.

I am working on another story right now and there's even a new story brewing in my head too. I've unleashed a monster! Lol :)

Alrighty :) I just had to share the wonderment of my blog makeover and give myself a little pimping time! But I am now off to bed!!

Goodnight y'all!!


Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Awwww.... sweety!!! It was totes my pleasure, because I sooo got a kick out of your happy tweets (after I told the medical forces it was false alarm) LOL. Honestly, I did the happy dance over here. And now seeing it all in place, I'm mind-cumming all over again!!!
Heart you! And hey - update Ranchward! Soon!!

uhyesplease said...

GREAT POST!!! And i LOVE how Betti's work looks on this page - it's just perfect for you!

And yowzers - that's some smoking hawt lemon right there!!!!

Smuttier Than You said...

I LOVE your banner!!!!!!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Congrats on your first fanfic. I have to admit, that is freaking harder than maintaining a blog. Seriously, I fucking kid you not.

Anyhoos. Love Betti, and what a wonderful SS gift. I do also like your header too, as I can see your clearly a Jasper fan.

Have a good New Year! *hugs and kisses*

cutie said...

Your page just keeps getting prettier and prettier! Oh sbgdgt, while I've been in college hell your beautiful blog has been growing soooo much. I LOVE IT! *hugs you* CONGRATS!

Now a few things:
1. *click/saves on new button* that will go up, at the latest, this weekend. I know... big deal *does the lame woo-pee finger move* but it is what it is. *shrugs*

2. *writes down fanfic name and adds to magic tin* You are on my list, my friend. I can't wait to read it! (I skipped the teaser... sorry. I've got a system and I'm trying to stay on it... *looks longingly at sbgdgt's fic* we'll see if I last...)

3. I need to find my pretzel name. Random, but I remember it, and love it, but forgot to click safe like a lamewad and then school kicked my ass. He had on these gigantic shit kicker boats and tried to showed me he was the boss, then I grabbed him ass and told him I was. ;)

And... that's a wrap on this lameness.