Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In the Moooood

I have been in the mood to write (all this NaNo talk must have worn off on me!) The only problem is that I don't know what to write!? I usually write when something specific comes to me or I get a writing prompt. So here, I sit w/ inspiration, but no subject.

Looking for inspiration, I decided to go back over some of my older writings and share one (for now, maybe more later) with you guys. Maybe putting this out there will inspire a story. *crossing fingers*

Before you read, I want to you imagine a face. A blank face. Void of all color, except for the blood red lips. Void of all expression. With deep set, empty eyes. Silent tears stream down the stilled cheeks. The face is upturned toward the stars begging for peace...

Mystic Eyes

As I look through these mystic eyes to the heavens above,
I know I see you look down upon me.
Through the holes were my eyes once were,
I see the invisible love that you gave to me.
With my cold, stiff body,
I feel the warmth from your heart.
When my thin, bony fingers touch yours,
I experience all that you have in the past.
For the salty tears that fell then dried and my blood red lips that quivered,
I cried them for you after I discovered I couldn't live without you.

Now, on cometh the brainstorm! *closes eyes*

Now, on cometh the Brainstorm! *eyes still closed clutching pen and paper*


Now, On Cometh The BRAINSTORM!!! *huffing & tossing down paper and pen*

Fine, obviously my brainstorm didn't get the memo, but I shall keep on trying! (psst! Hey, you guys! Do YOU have any suggestions on something you've been wanting written? I'll give everything a try at least once!)


*anxiously waiting*


Bex said...

If you really wanna write sumthin I'm all up for being written in to a super smexy or coy n cute oneshot with Eddy! *wink wink* Eddy with a southern accent.....sweet jesus! *thud*

It might get your mindset right and ur (creative!) juices a-flowing no?

Hell, worth a try :P

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Son of a bitch why aren't you writing? Ok. I might be getting a diff. vibe but I'm feeling very Anne Rice from this piece. Is that what you were thinking? I feel like this character must have a sense of religion, supernatural or not. Even if he/she is longing for a love. Am I straying? Please do keep writing. I think it's great!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am your secret santa by assignment of The Lemon Sisters.
And I got a gift for you. :)
It's really nice. :))))
I'm dying to give it to you. :))))))
But it is way too early, right? :))))))))))

Just thoght I'd stop by and tease a little.....

Anonymous said...

Hey - here's your secret santa again! :))

I personally think you SHOULD wait until xmas eve, but that' just up to you...

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