Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Twilight and my Pretzel Art

Preztel Art

What the hell is Pretzel Art? Well, it started when my very OCD mind was eating some pretzels. You see, I have to go through a bag and eat all the broken ones first while placeing the whole ones aside in another bag. Only after all the broken ones are gone can I go eat the rest. During my picky food-eating habit I noticed that some of the broken pretzels formed letters. I then procceeded to set aside the letters, chew/break/gnaw the rest of the letters I needed and spell out my name.

I was so fucking proud of myself! *Beaming Brightly*

Then the new tradition! Spell out my name first. (Because sometimes, the pretzels break and the letter doesn't count if you have to hold it together.) Then, eat the broken ones, finally the whole ones.

I slowly figured out that I can make all the letters of my alphabet except for "K". Fuckin' "K"! Of course it doesn't want to cooperate! Of crouse it has to be one little bitch in my OCD fun pretzel time. Well, Fuc_ that letter! I don't need it anway *grumbling to self*

So, eventually I started spelling out my friends names and sending them as a fun little name tags :) Seeing as all of you stuc_ with me through those last two, buc_-ass na_ed, soul spilling posts, I wanted to lighten things up and _eep them light for the next 2 yrs or so! Lol

*Grabs microphone* *tap tap*
Is this thing on?
*blowing into it*
Testing. Testing. Shit this thing isn't wor_ing!
*banging it into my palm the magic number of 3 times*
Oh well...

*Clearing throat & spea_ing REALLY LOUD*
Hello! I want to welcome you to...
*stranger approaches with a wic_ed croo_ed smile*
Ummmm.... (fuc_, what was I saying?)
*stranger switches mic on and win_s*
*collective giggles and big blush*
*staring at green-eyed stranger*
(must read his name tag... Jac_sper? Wow!)
Well, that was embarassing... *aw_ward laugh*
Hello! I want to welcome all of you to my Pretzel Art Show featuring Twilight and some of SBGDGT's friends. So please, sit bac_ and enjoy the clic_able show!
*blushing and turning mic OFF*

(I know there is no Brea_ing Dawn, but I can't half-ass do a word so I just left if off completely)

For stic_ing with me through that very blac_ moment with all
your words of encouragement and wonderful hugs:

*grabs mic and turns it ON*
Than_ you so much for coming out tonight!
I hope you enjoyed my show as much as I enjoyed eating it!
Did any one notice what I did?
*giggles at my sly protest of pretzel bitch*


uhyesplease said...

LOL!!!! FUCKING ACE! I loved it!!!!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

This is soo super sweet!!! *hugs*
*giggles* you are awesome!

bierbeck said...

that is awesome!

Smuttier Than You said...

I love it!!! You just made my frown turn upside down!

Fire Crotch said...

Haha, fuc_ing awesome!

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Holy fuc_ing Shit!!!!!!

How awesome is that????



Artsie approves, Fanny blac_s out, Betti bows down and the Button Guru tries to hide how jealous he is... the whole bunch of BettiMusicTwilight is in frea_ing out!

I will so put this on my sidebar...

Call of Duty Widow said...

Fuc_ing hilarious! Damn, now I want some pretzels.

Anonymous said...

I just fucking love you.. I shall hate the letter K with you but.. I can't not use it.. because well MOST of my phrases do indeed include the word fuck..I could go with fuc but it doesn't look as lethal and could you imagine ME not using fuck? it would be interesting though.. hmm.. I could try it for you..

mwah! mucho loves to u..

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Aww that's my girl. Your post today made me laugh. *tapping mic* *clearing throat* "I love my pretzel art and I'm taking this bitch over to my blog and posting it because you're awesome!"

*Singing Sesame Street Theme Song* "Today's post was brought to you by the Letter K"
**anytime you want to talk, I'm here. Email me! Oh and I'm serious about posting my pretzel art so be prepared for it to be on my blog, unless you object to that!

britpacksuccubus said...

Fuc_, I love you! You crac_ my shit up and for that I can't than_ you enough!

Zarya said...

I is confused. Why no k's? *blush*

SBGDGT said...

*blushing* this is the most comments on one post yet and *que gushy tone* You all love me! You really, really love me! Uh, I mean my Pretzel Art! *smirk* Thx, it's so much fun to make!

@uhyesplease- *jumping* Than_ you!

@MrsVanquish- I love hugs! *big hug bac_*

@bierback- Than_ you! :-D Welcome to my blog! I've seen your name there and over there and it's great to have you here too!

@SmuttierThanYou- Glad I could help! You're too beautiful for frowns :) (I still stand by what I said, fuc_ him, well more accurately, don't fuc_ him!)

@Fire Crotch- Yay! You get it ;) Thx for playing along

@Betti, Fanny, Artsie, & The Button Guru- *Group Hug*

Yes, Artsie you are included too but only for 1 second b/c I know you don't like them.

*let's Artsie out* *Hugs for 4 more seconds & add a _iss on the chee_*

Sorry, had to get that out! That means a lot coming from an artist such as yourself! *blushing*

@Call of Duty Widow- pretzels are fuc_ing addictive little suc_ers! I'm thworing a cyber bag your way, catch! Sorry, my aim's a little off... *pic_s up bag 1 foot away* Here, i'll just wal_ them to you.

@sjAimee- O_, I originally tried to do this w/o the "_" and just leave off that stupid non-pretzel letter, but I just loo_ed stupid. Example: wins instead of win_s. Ma_es a big diff. *sniff* thx for the honesty, I'll forgive you cause I luv u and understand the need... After this post, that bitch will be bac_ in my words b/c fuc really doesn't have the same _ic_ in the balls, does it? :/

@Honolulu Girl- Now I'm singing "Sunny days, everything's a-okay..." LOL, please, ta_e your name and post it! It is a present :)

@Britpac_succubus- I fuc_in' love you too, bb! *win_*

@Zarya- None of that fiend of a letter b/c it is the ONE AND ONLY letter I cannot ma_e with a pretzel w/o brea_king it :( I might just have to brea_ down and do it if the need arises... ;)

Again, than_ you all for the love! Anyone else wanna see their name? Just email me and I'll see what I can do.

cutie said...

bwahahhaha <--that's what I know and that's what I'z got. ;) Sorry I'm late in commenting. It's been a week.

love ya. =D

One Pushy Fox said...

I can't believe I missed this!!! Stupid NaNo suc_ing up all my blog reading time!!!

Than_s so much for including me!!!!

*smooches and a raspberry vod_a drin_ for you!*

SBGDGT said...

@cutie- man, I've been a little blog neglectful lately too :-/ You're already forgiven! :) Better late than never!

@onepushyfox- It's no problem I know how writing can be :) I just wanted to make sure you go this :)And than_ you for the raspberry vod_a! It's "Yum, yum, yum. Delicioso!"

KG said...

i am retardedly late commenting.
i heart pretzels and also eat all the broken ones first!

stupid letter K. =(

love ya!