Sunday, June 13, 2010


Some of you may know, some of you don't, but our very own uhyesplease, aka Kristen, competed in a triathlon this weekend!

What is a triathlon?

Def: noun. An athletic contest in which each athlete competes in three different events, swimming, cycling and running.

It starts with a .75K or ~.5 mile swim
Followed by a 22.8 K or ~14 mile bike ride
Ending with a 5K ~3 mile run to the finish line

She has been training very hard for this and I am super, uber, extra excited proud of her! She is such an inspiration. And to show her just how much we love her, I wanted to put together a little post from all of us.

from Desiree aka sbgdgt:

Twin, where do I begin? You truely are an inspiration. You have worked your ass off (literally) and did some major training (almost) everyday. *wink* You're a mom, a wife, a hard worker and to me, you are a great friend! I love you so much more than words can say! I'm so fuckin' proud of you and I will be, am, was cheering for #995! Good luck and by the time you see this, Congratulations on this HUGE acheivement!

Love ~Desiree


from Jeanne aka einfach mich:

You are awesome! Good luck in the triathlon. Love you, baby.

<3 align="center">Jeanne


from Honolulu Girl aka truebloodtwilight:

Congrats Uhyesplease!! What an accomplishment, I'm so very proud of you!

HG truebloodtwilight


from Emma aka Zoomage:
Well done, you crazy gal, you have some guts.

Love from Zoomage


from Kendall:

Congratulations, my sister - I knew you could do it! Today, I 'rejoice as greatly over your achievement as if it were my own.' I'm so very proud of you, little girl! Woo hoo!



From Smuttier Than You:

Sweetest uhyesplease, aka #995, aka Megan, you are wonderment. Mother, daughter, wife, doula, author, beta, TRIATHLON commander!!! Beyond all of that, you are a friend. One that is made of sunshine and rainbows and possibly a unicorn thrown in there for good measure. I am so proud and in awe of your accomoplishment.

Heart you hard,


From MrsBing:

Congratulations on this HUGE achievement! You are so amazing (and strong!) and I am SO proud of you. A triathlon! Get it, girl. :) Can't wait to see the finish-line pic. Woooooo!



from Britpacksuccubus:

Hey, lady, congrats on the triathlon!!! You're a stronger woman than I....or maybe just crazier. :)



from LisaHR79:

How about the English Channel next?? Carlisle did it. *laughs*

Great Job!


from Pushy:

Kristen, you are SERIOUSLY DA BOMB for doing this!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!


From betti:

Betti sez "Uhyesplease for president!"

Hugs, Betti


from sjAimee:

I wanted to send you some slutty cheerleaders to cheer you on but couldn't quite get it together so I found this pic instead..

But then... I thought that there were better things out there than pictures of slutty cheerleader.. What could be better than slutty cheerleaders?
Naked ones? NO! Gah.. get your head of out the gutter!!

Yes Cupcakes are better! All that mouth watering icing and sprinkles are like an orgasm all on their own.

So I bring you visions of cupcakes
Congratulations, I'm so proud of you and all your hard work!

Hugs and kisses and slutty cheerleader pictures,
From Becky Boodles:
Congratulations you hardcore woman!!!
from donnersun:
So proud of you girl! are a MACHINE!!!! Love ya!
from bierbeck:
Kristen- Way to go! I am soo proud of you. You rock!
---- Becky


uhyesplease said...

YOU GUYS!!!!!! I'm crying!!! And one of my goals was not to cry today! And dammit! you did it! Not only did my family and best friends come and join me, but all of you in spirit! Thanks so much for thinking of me and for Desi for putting this together. I'm telling you I'm so glad i saw this NOW rather than BEFORE or i would have been a mess. Thank you so much!!!

next year - i hope you all can actually do this one with me! What a rush!!!

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! xxKristen

SmuttierThanYou said...

Love you more! xoxo