Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Major Brain Fart

Ok, well, ummmm, ya see... I got a tooth pulled on Monday and it seems that a tad bit of my brain might have been in that tooth. (Or maybe it's just the Hydrocodone? Yeah, probably. But still) I can't remember much of anything right now. I can't remember what awesome posts I had planned. I can't remember where I put my list of ideas of said awesome posts. I can't remember if I really got out of bed this morning or if I'm still dreaming. :P Either way, I'll just keep on rambling :) hehe

I do, however, remember having a majorly weird dream last night under the influence of a few "sleepy" pills. It was something along of the lines of *deep breath & speed talking* being at a VA Hospital/Airport waiting for Jonathan, my little brother (yes I said little! You can do something about it when you get here in December! Till then, Little Brother...) and a doomsday kinda Lord of the Rings style, end of the world but still beautiful earth, about to start the fight to the end after we finally got to the place where the rest of the "world" has made up a hidden camp. *deep inhale/exhale* The dream also involved my cousins. So yeah, weird!

Currently the only new thing I can seem to think of, while trying to eat Cream of Wheat and oatmeal like a 5 month old is, "Don't make as big of a mess as Jude! Don't make as big of a mess as Jude! You are 29 yrs old, damn it!" *wipes mouth thoroughly after every bite while Momma laughs at me* Yup, my Momma is laughing at me! I mean I thought they were supposed to be all understanding and the ones to never laugh in your face? She did that another time. Promised not to laugh at my 7th Grade year book pic, but she LAUGHED and LAUGHED! That shit scarred me for life! *sobbing uncontrollably* *gaining control 30 min later* Anyway...

OH! OH! I remember that the post was gonna be something about Mr Jasper Hale, ok I lied more about Jackson Rathbone... *drool* (sorry there goes the numbs it meds, yeah right). Now I do NOT remember if there was something of substance that i really had planned, so until I do remember (or care), I will give you a little eye candy and you can see why I think he is the most lick-a-licious of the Twilight actors! OH? I haven't said he's my fav before now? Well, um, all you Robsessed fans need to quit reading for now and come back later. And put away your pitchforks! I do not go chasing after you w/ mine when you bad mouth my Jacksper. Without further ado:

Ok, so until I get the video up, here's some pics to enjoy :)

I could help him bite that lip.

Love that smile :)

Yummy sexiness...

Uhhhhhhhh........ *thud*

There's that crooked grin *panties ran away*
Let them run! Who needs 'em anyway? ;)


Anonymous said...

**waves** HI!! *sighs & wipes up drool* So.. see.. I originally started off a 100% in love with Emmett and it turned into a sexual obsession with Kellbaby Lutz.. but... then.. Jasper grew on me.. and grew and then I wished he was on me oh wait never mind.. damn it! focus!!!
Okay where was I.. Oh yeah.. Jasper.. turned into Jacksper love.. Which turned into complete uncontrollable Jackson Rathbone love. So.. there ya have it. Where i'm at now.. I love so much about him.. *sighs* Did I mention he visits my dreams.. a lot.. No? Well i think I did mention it that one time on my blog but I can't go into details.. It just isnt fit for bloggerland..

Zarya said...

Haha. Jude's a pretty messy kiddo! I <3 your blog btw!