Friday, October 2, 2009

My 1st Random Question

This first entry is gonna be short and to the point. I'll introduce myself next.

When I made my profile, there was a Random Question blank.
Here was my first question:
"The children are waiting!
Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig"

My first reaction, "YEA! A story!" I wrote my story and hit save.
What did I get in return? Something along the lines
of it has to be less than 400 words.

WTF? How DARE they ask such a question then put a limit. :(
So I decided right then and there I would start my blog
and my first post would be my story.

Without further ado, I give you the story of:
The Bald Frog With The Wig

Once upon a time, there was a bald frog prince. He was so bald (How bald was he?) He was so bald that the sun AND the even moon reflected so brightly off his head that any princess who got too close was blinded! The frog was sitting by a rock crying when he heard a girl ask why he was crying. Shocked b/c she didn't run and hide, the frog asked, "How can you see since you are so close to me?" She told him she was blind and then he told her about how he just wanted to be kissed by a princess and turned back into a prince but it looked damn near impossible b/c of his condition and that was why he was crying. The blind girl, determined to help, made the bald frog a wig out of dandelion petals. He was thrilled! Not only was he a handsome frog prince, but now he was BLOND! Not five minutes later, a beautiful princess saw him and waved him over to her while batting her eyes. Ecstatic, he thanked the blind girl and hopped over to the princess... *squish* Oops! He shouldn't have crossed the road!
Didn't he ever play Frogger!?

The End

HAHAHAHA! I heard that! Yes, I do amuse myself.

Now, what do you think of my loverly story? Please do tell!
Go! Now! Sign up and tell me :)
*hands clasped begging*
(yes that makes it difficult to type BTW)


Anonymous said...

I have to agree 100% with your pic for Bella but sorry I am almost 40 and never thought I would ever be interested in a toy boy (I'm an older man kinda gal) and then Rob came along.

I am writing a book of my own (REVELATION: The book of Angel). Totally different but inspired by Steph's Twilight Saga. I have been picturing the movie in my head (hey we all have to dream now and then). I wonder who you might see playing my characters.

If you are interested in reading a few free chapters of my YA Supernatural Suspense Romance novel feel free to have a look at my blog and then swing on over to (it's a pretty flash site too I might add - just as spooky as the book).

Cheers and I hope you enjoy the read. Oh please let me know who you see playing some of the characters (especially Angel and Joe. Eli would be interesting too.)

One Pushy Fox said...

Ok, that was just an awesome story with a wicked funny ending! Great job. You mention in your introduction post that you learned about fanfic from Cutie. Are you planning on writing any??? *hint, hint, nudge, nugde*