Monday, October 12, 2009

My Ideal Cast

Alrighty :) I am having an Insomniac Night. So here's what I've got for ya. I know how everyone has their idea of the perfect cast for the Twilight series, myself included. I also know that it can be hard to put an actual face to the one you see in your head. I am not an artist by any means other than a stick figure or two, so I have decided to hunt down actors/actresses that most resemble my imagination.
Seeing as I am NOT 16 yrs old or 20 for that matter, I imagine my cast a tad older. Truth be told, Bella had blonde hair and grey eyes and Edward... well, here take a look:

Wow! Now that's a fairy tale couple right there!

What!? *stuff fingers in ears* La la la la la, I can't hear you!
OK! OK!!!! Fine... *pouting*
I'll move on...

Now, I know that these guys are not "the" stars of these stories, but I am going to start with the actors that I think are perfect. I cannot, would not change Billy Burke as Charlie. He's the perfect dad for this story! He is sexy as all get out in real life,

Exhibit A:

There's something about that mustache and the flannel that makes him
Cheif Swan, a loving, awkward dad.

I also would not change Ashley Greene as Alice. She fit the book so perfectly that while I read it, I still pictured her. Jasper on the other hand, I did not like in Twilight. He looked weird, but I have since come around and think that Jackson Rathbone is a freakin' hottie. (Please see previous post.) Ashley and Jackson also stay as Alice and Jasper.

Alice Cullen Jasper Hale

Now on to the controversey! I'm just gonna throw it out there.

Here's Kate Beckinsdale and Jay Kenneth Johnson as:
Esme Carlisle

See? He's even a Doctor already!

My Rosalie would be Rachel McAdams and my Emmett would be Greg Vaughn

Rosalie: Smokin' Hot Emmett: Dimpled Teddy Bear

Rosalie: Horny Bitch Emmett: Horny Puts up with Bitch

Last but not least... Drum roll please!

Bella & Edward
Danielle Panabaker Henry Cavill

Now that you've had a little swim in my imagination,
would you be willing to share your's with me?
Even if you wouldn't change one single person.
Pretty please?
With whipped cream on top?
And a cherry?
And some chocolate drizzle?
Yeah, the chocolate works EVERY time! :)


Annie said...

The chocolate drizzle works for me every time...

I like your casting choices! I'm with you on Alice -- I think Ashley Greene nailed the part and can't imagine anyone else playing her. I'm actually thinking of going as Alice for Halloween. ;)

One Pushy Fox said...

Great picks! I'm glad you didn't change Charlie, he made Twilight for me in so many scenes! I LOVE your choice for Rosalie. She's gorgeous!!! And oh, Henry Cavill for Edward *swoon*!!!!!

I'm so glad sjAimee pimped your blog, I didn't even know you had one!!! Good times. :)

SBGDGT said...

@ Annie- Yay for chocolate drizzle! ;) Lol Now that would be an awesome halloween costume! You must post pics if you do!

@Fox- Thx for following! I was super surprised sjAimee did that, but very greatful! I really loved when Charlie met Edward! Haha, every Daddy's worst nightmare: a boy coming to pick up his daughter!