Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Puppy Love

If you have not read the Twilight books and do not want to know
anything what may or may not happen in the New Moon or
Eclipse movies (ya know, cause I didn't write
the screenplays) then you might want
to just look at the pictures.

I wag my finger at me with disappointment...
I hang my head in shame...
I tsk, tsk myself...

"Why, SBGDGT," you might ask?

Well, some of you might have noticed, some might not, BUT... I forgot Jacob in my "Ideal Cast" post. *hiding behind my hands*

*Squares shoulders to face the music* I didn't keep him as "Would not recast". I didn't even mention his name. I feel bad for a few reasons:

  1. He's a major character, duh.

  2. New Moon is almost here, and this is his time to shine. When I first read New Moon, even though I knew it was coming, I cried and cried but continued to "read" and not just skip to the end. And if "by read" you mean, *speed typing* reading really, really fast over the whole thing and hating Jacob and his immature ways just to hurry and get to the part when Edward and Bella are back together again, *whew* then yes, that's how I read it the first time. When I read it again, I actually liked Jacob. The third time, I was smitten. And the fourth... I fell in love. I felt his pain. I cried when he asked Bella to stay. In the end, I am happy for Edward and Bella, but I definitely saw the path of Jacob and Bella play out in my mind. To continue...

  3. I have a thing for the Native physical features. (my husband is Mexican Indian heritage *waggles eyebrows*)

  4. I want to be able to look at Jacob without getting arrested for the dirty thoughts that run through my mind. Ya know, like the space heater scene *wink wink*

  5. I want to be able to look at Jacob without getting arrested for the dirty thoughts that run through my head. Ya know, like the space heater scene *wink wink* (This is a big enough of a reason I counted it twice!)

If you haven't figured it out yet, I would change Jacob. Maybe if Taylor were a few yrs older? I don't know, he's just not that cute to me... Sorry all you Taylor fans, but it's just how I feel! And I couldn't find one person to fit my Jacob. Especially since he changes SO MUCH in New Moon. So, I have a few different people, you can mesh them all together in your head b/c I am not talented with that all PhotoShop shit.

First I give you Rudy Youngblood. This would be my Twilight to beginning of New Moon, perpetually happy-go-lucky Jacob. Look at that grin. I could see this man in a homemade garage, working on cars and motorcycles, all greased up... *daydreaming of space heaters* Sorry, I'm back :)

Next is Rick Mora. This is more how I actually picture Jacob's face, with the very angular jaw and cheeks, but I wanted him to be a little cuter. Still, Rick's hair is gorgeous, so just put this hair on Rudy's face. Can't you see this as the mean face he puts on when he's trying to make Bella leave him alone though?

Announcement: The part of Jacob Black, the Werewolf, will be played by Jason Dehoyo. Just look at those soulful eyes. You can swim in them! And the body? Yeah, now that's what a ripped Werewolf is supposed to look like... *drooooool*

So, there ya have it folks, my Jacob Black. I think I have made up for my little mishap in the previous post. Jacob, himself, told me he feels better now since I dedicated this WHOLE thing to him. Boy, am I relieved to hear that!


Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Jason....! *drools, pants, fans self* I want Jason! NOW!!

uhyesplease said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, I love Taylor - but he's waaaaay too "BOYISH" for my liking. Those men in the pics above are that - MEN! And I'm kinda excited about it - if you knowwhatI'msayin'.

Oh Jason - please, why didn't you go to the casting??? WHY WHY WHY?????

Fire Crotch said...

Yes, I need someone a little more mature. And Taylor's nose kills me. It's huge. Great picks!

sjAimee said...

I'm just not a Taylor fan at all.. But your picks.. Oh my gawd!Jason Dehoyo.. I wanna take him home and ........ yeah

Ahh.. word verification is : sination ..

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Oh girlfriend. You and I think alike. First my crush started with Anthony Keidis of Chili Peppers. Loved him (ok he's only part Indian) but so was ex fiance and thus my son so I'm down with Indian features too.
Now my hubby is half Mexican and Viva La Rasa!! I commend him for our daughters coming out so beautiful. Hehehe.
And your choice of Jacob... Fucking Drool... Now you know who I'm obsessed with. Alex Meraz. Oh. My. God. He's still young for me but just perfect.. Mama likey! So anyhoo. Thanks sjAimee for recommending me to your site. I'm following my dear...Peace out.

SBGDGT said...

The concensus: Jason is fuckin' HOT and can play our Jacob any day ;) Glad you guys liked him!