Friday, October 2, 2009

My Official Introduction

Ok, first off...

HI! *waves* Welcome to my blog. *points to self* I'm SBGDGT.
Ok, if you must know SBGDGT is short for
Shirley Blondie George Doo Goober Temple.
Too much? Yeah, let's just stick w/ SBGDGT :)

And you are? *shakes hand* Nice to meet you!

Now that the formalities are out of the way, I can begin.

Me in short: I love my 3 babies, I love football, more specifically, the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Tech Red Raiders. *whispers* I even enjoy Texas Longhorns just as long as they aren't playing against my Raiders! But, shhhh... Don't tell! *done whispering* I believe in evolution and hate narrow-minded people. I love to have fun w/ my friends. I am one of the guys, but I am still a girl and like girly things! Lol :) I love girly drinks and shots (liquor only, no beer), but especially Crown Royal straight up or with a splash of coke, girly movies, shopping, and talking. CM Punk and Undertaker are my favorite wrestlers. I am a complete nerd for tetris-type games, card games (spades, poker, hearts, gin, canasta, etc...) and puzzles. I am a little obsessive/compulsive especially when it comes to numbers. I can talk and ramble on and on w/ the best. Good luck gettin' me to shut up! :) I also enjoy a good conversation on controversial topics. (i.e. religion, evolution, south park, family guy, and men bashing)
EDIT: I cannot believe that I forgot one of the biggest parts of my life... I am a TOTAL band nerd! Like All-State, Orchestra, all the Area band directors knew my name kind of nerd. I play the piano fairly decently. I'm a self taught flutist. I can play the trumpet. But above all that, I play the French Horn and I LOVE it! I wish I owned one so I could play more. Those suckers are expensive! :p Anyway, there, I had to add this little tidbit in :)

Down to the point of this blog, my random obsessions. Yes, I have MAJOR bouts of obsessions. Most of the time it is music or a movie. Here's a list of the most recent obsessions:

CM Punk

Sweeney Todd (the movie, and soundtrack).

Mamma Mia.


Repo! The Genetic Opera.

Phantom of The Opera (love me some Gerard Butler)

And finally, the most important obsession to date:


Yes, it is true. I LOVE the Twilight Series, through and through!
Now that you all know, please, go and judge me. I don't care!! Edward still loves me! More than he loves Bella! I promise! He told me :)

I admit, the movie Twilight was a little, tinsy, tiny (A LOT), cheesy, but come on now, the story was great! To find such a love... *sigh* *dreaming*

After I read my books 3 times each. And was almost done w/ Eclipse for the 4th time, I found this wonderful blog, Super Secret Twilight Blog. I loved it! Another woman, almost 30, a mom, a HUGE twilight fan, and she (not me) is a little Robsessed. I might not think he's all that hot, but DAMN she has some good pics of him! Anyway, on said blog, I was introduced to FanFic. What is FanFic? Ok, it is all the wondermus stories that have expanded on or completely turned the Twilight universe upside down. Ya know, we all wanna know about E and B gettin' it on during their honeymoon or what happens next. Well, these wonderful writers of FanFic took it upon themselves to fill in these gaps and/or continue the story.

Mrs Cutie got me hooked by reading WIDE AWAKE. WOW! What a way to jump into FanFic! I relate it to jumping into the deep end of a non-heated pool. First instinct is to get out as soon as possible! But once you are in there for a minute and your body has adjusted it's all good! FanFic- First step in you are so lost and confused and these people are all jumbled up and everywhere you look, EVERYTHING is wrong! You start to panic, your breathing is erratic, your heart rate quickens, but slowly your brain wraps around the story, and you are alright. You can lazily float along and enjoy the ride. *sigh of relief*

With that said, here's fair warning:
Most things on this blog will probably be of the Twilight subject. It is by far my biggest obsession of them all. I will warn ahead of time for any possible movie spoilers and will link to anything that might also be spoilerish b/c I know that there are a lot of you Born Again Twilight Virgins. *waves at you guys*

I think this is long enough for now. I have a few things in the works and as of right now they are ALL about Twilight! Hehe :) I must go contribute to a wonderful discussion of the New Moon book over at The Danger Magnet. They have timed the end of the discussion to coincide with the movie release! *giggles* (which I am super stoked about too! It looks a lot better than the first.)

Bye *waves over shoulder*


cutie said...

Holy Haberdashery! You have a blog!! WOOT! I am so glad to finally know what the heck SBGDGT freaking means! Bwahahah

And since you introduced yourself:

*shakes SBGDGT's hand*

Hi. I'm Ang (cutie around these parts). I am thirty *wink*, I have four kids, I'm kinda into Twilight (kinda). *giggles like a school girl* On the off chance that I am watching football I am rooting for either the Jets or the Raiders. I have a "mild" crush on Mr. Pattinson. *blushes* And I am so very glad to meet you! *hugs* Now if you don't mind, me thinks I shall be clicking follow right about now... *walks away whistling*

Annie said...

I love Sweeney Todd! And well, Johnny Depp, too, obvi. ;)

Thanks for the shout-out on my New Moon Discussion over on The Danger Magnet! I appreciate it. :)

Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

This morning, my inner analatical artist a.k.a. Artsie says to me: "Look Betti, sum1 posted a comment on my ... I mean, your blog, and she sounds like, well... interesting, and maybe you should..." - "Ah yes?" I say, "Show me."
*clicks link under the profile pic*
"Read her profile, it's funny!" - "Shut up, Artsie!"
*reads profile, muttering* "...pisces... insomiac... random... obsess... ok... hmm, funny... yes..."
*hand shoves mouse towards the follow button involuntarily*
Well, then...

*clears troat, takes SBGDGT's hand*

Hi, I am Betti Gefecht, nice to meet you!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment - though I'm currently not really in charge there, but... whatever.

I am already uhm... quite old, doesn't matter *waves hand dismissively* and I'm Pisces, but I don't really care.
I am the epitome of an insomiac if I may say so, I am painfully random and obsession is my middle name.
So there was no other help for it but becoming an artist, I guess.

I... wha... pardon? Oh!
*lets go of SBGDGT's hand finally*
Sorry, I didn't notice...

Well, just wanna say it's cool you have a blog and I'm looking forward to your future posts.
And as soon as I'll have my inner Fangirl a.k.a. Fanny back (I lend her to Mrs.V over at for the Book-vs-Movie-Discussion), and I'll be whole again, I will come back and say something more... coherent for sure.

CU, Betti

SBGDGT said...

I did a happy dance when I saw I had followers! I sneak-peeked a look at my blog while at work and my friend could hear my smile from across the room! Which in turn, prompted a work-illegal text message! (Don't worry, we weren't caught) *still happy dancin’* Thanks you guys (sorry… gals)!

@Cutie- YEA! *giggling & chair hopping* Glad you stopped by!!

That name started 18 yrs ago! *choking on coffee* Started w/ Blondie and grew from there. It's a long, boring story though :p

@Annie- Welcome to you too! *claps hands* Johnny Depp is just awesome. In Sweeney Todd, when I first heard his voice, a happy tear came to my eye. I locked the kids in their room and ignored my pile of laundry till it was over.

AND since I love it, *steps onto soapbox* I gotta pimp Repo! The Genetic Opera! The (really, REALLY sexy) movie rental guy said, "If you like Sweeney, you'll like this. Only it's a tad darker." I agree w/ gorgeous, tattooed, pierced Mr Hotness full heartedly. I would call it a Rock Opera instead of typical stage opera. Which ROCKS! *sings* "I-I-I, wanna rock and roll all ni-i-ight! And party ev-er-y-day!" Sorry... *steps off soapbox*

@Betti & Artsie- THANK YOU! I'm really glad Artsie pulled you over here! I am thoroughly enjoying the analytical interpretations at your blog right now. AND I'm loving all of the Fanny *squee* for the Book-vs-Movie Discussion!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Ohhh,you have your own blog!!! Lovely! Blogging is so much fun and you meet so many wonderful people *looks at the people following you* Yes I mean those, they are amazing!

Ok I am 31, married, no kids and it is nice to meet you! I have a huge (HUGE) crush on Twilight and blogging was the only way to live with it. Apart from writing a blog it happens that I started paying around with blogdesign which is time consuming... so I spend an awful amount of time on the computer. Uhm and I became a Twitter junkie.

I am so happy to finally know what your name means, since I wrote it today so many times while working on the Recap for tomorrow. So glad you came over and left such a wonderful comment for Fanny and me.

Uhm, Fanny is busy otherwise I am sure she would say Hi, but she's sitting over her next... drawings.. I guess.. I am not so sure what she does at the moment..

*waves and hugs*
MrsV or Danny when being among friends...

SBGDGT said...

@ Betti- I really meant to say more to you! My kids came running and screaming into the room and distracted me (it's not that hard to do anyway).

I planned on telling you, that it seems we have a bit in common! I really tried the artistic route once. I did ONE good drawing of my hand. (maybe I'll scan & upload it sometime...) Beyond that, all my creativity poured into my music. Holy Hell! I can't believe I left that out! I play the piano decently, the flute- well enough, the trumpet- better than the flute, and the French Horn. I kick ass at the French Horn. Think all State and Orchestra. EVERY band director in our Area knew my name, and Texas is purdy big... *beaming smile* (I'm not normally a bragger, but I'm VERY, VERY proud of that!) Anyway, my BFF is the artist, I'm just creative :) I have a HUGE respect for artists, audio and visual and writers.

@Mrs. V- I could not agree w/ you more about my first followers! They are awesome! And welcome as #5! (that happens to be my fav #) Blogging really does seem to help with at least taming the obsession but not decreasing the passion!

I enjoyed the recap as much as I did the original post (I'll stop by later to tell you that over there too) and I can't wait for part 2! I will most definitely forgive Fanny b/c I really love her drawings/storyboards, despite Artsy saying she shouldn't have been allowed. Lol Again, WELCOME! :)

sjAimee said...


Howdy... Fellow Texan here.. ya.. I say you guys.. but hey we can still get along.. I'm born and raised here too ya?


You've seen me around.. I've seen you around.. Yet.. i've just ventured into you're lil world.. And.. I find myself happy I did.. We've a bit in common.. **offers you special happy brownies** Except for sports. I used to be a huge Dallas cowboys fan but now I just dont watch much football.. Or sports in general. I do however enjoy watching a good fight.. But.. i'm kinda vicious like that. I enjoy watching people get hurt.. I know I should be ashamed of myself.. Truly i'm not..

Anyhow.. Sorry I was rambling. Welcome to bloggy land.. Cutes is great isnt she..

SBGDGT said...

@sjAimee- Yeah! A Texan :)

Yes, we've crossed paths a few times *takes the brownie* Thx :) Yummmmmm... I'm not much of a sports girl, other than football. And truth be told, I like college better than NFL. Oh well :) A good fight. Yeah, I like to watch too as long as its not too one sided. I want a fight more than a beat down, but that's just me!

Thx for the pimping, I really appreciate it!!! And yes, cutie is great!